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    Re: Whitlock: ESPN is Lurching Far Left

    I couldn't tell you the last time I watched ESPN.

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    Re: Whitlock: ESPN is Lurching Far Left

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    I couldn't tell you the last time I watched ESPN.

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    Same. I do remember in the 90s that they were funny. They had non-political dry humor. Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne. Those guys made watching sports highlights fun and added value. I don't remember any sort of politics back in the 90s which is how it should have stayed.

    What idiot decided that when people tune into sports they want to hear that sort of sh**?

    Keep the themes light. People don't want their sports heros to be proxies for political and social issues. That's the great thing about sports. Merit, grit, skill .... all those things are measurable and colorblind. That is the great thing about sports. A great athlete is a a great athlete. The villians, foils, heros are all colors. People tune in to get away from politics. Most importantly sports, without trying, bring people together.
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    Re: Whitlock: ESPN is Lurching Far Left

    Another example was when ESPN fired Sage Steele a couple weeks ago for her conservative views. Funny thing is they replaced her with a white woman, a no no for the left leaning.

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    Re: Whitlock: ESPN is Lurching Far Left

    Times are changing and ESPN is just not changing with times in the way we consume our sports. I remember waking up going to school watching ESPN to learn who won, not knowing outcomes, and like someone said above, they actually had a type of dry sarcastic humor that most people actually do like. I honestly cant think of a single time ive watched ESPN in the past unless it was strictly related to the NFL/Ravens.

    I have always been a fan of Colin Cowherd, when he moved to Fox, I found his material much better in the sense of him not filtering himself as much as he used to. That being said, he still is pretty main stream and doesn't ruffle many feathers. I mainly listen to Clay Travis now, he definitely comes off as a DB but I enjoy his takes and his points, I honestly line up with him pretty well on most opinions. When him and Whitlock talk, its very good radio. here is a couple articles Clay wrote about the demise of ESPN, pretty interesting points:


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