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  1. OT: Johnny Fox - Sword Swallower of the Maryland Renaissance Festival

    Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine I work with at the Maryland Renaissance Festival was stricken with cancer. The outlook is grim, and yes, as they say in the movie the Princess Bride - "It will take a miracle." - there is an effort to see if he can be cured.

    His name is Johnny Fox. We probably have known many to have been stricken with some disease that has cut a life too short. Some of you may recall my friend Noah passing away and the article that was written for him. Though I am not nearly as close to Johnny, I'd like to think some effort went into trying to keep a man here a little longer, because like football, this man has a gift.

    What is that gift? He has a trick that equals football to a degree. He makes us forget about the world we live in for a moment. Makes us forget our troubles. Makes us happy. (Okay we do suffer when the Ravens lose.)

    I believe me posting a link to a site that raises funds for him is against the TOC, but it shouldn't be hard to find for you using Google.

    Thanks, friends and have a good one.
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