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    What bands/concerts did you ever attend that drew almost nothing but 'Dudes'.

    An odd ball question but it came to mind for some reason.

    I was a veteran festival and concert goer.
    And while I never thought of concerts as a place to meet girls, multi-day outdoor fests where great places to meet all sorts of people including those of the fairer sex.

    Shows that had about an equal number of each gender always seemed more lively. Lets face it, women give a lighter, dancy, bounce to music shows. Less boring by far.

    I was thinking of concerts where there might be like 5 females for every hundred guys, and those ladies were usually part of couple. Rarely did I ever see groups of young women who appeared to be attending on the merits of them strictly liking the band.

    We used to call these kind of concerts 'Sausage Fests'.

    One of my favorite bands, Rush, was always a total Sausage Fest. On the other end of the spectrum, while not high on my music list, a group like Duran Duran attracted many girls.

    The best combinations and mixes of people always seemed like the Jam Bands. Greatful Dead, Dave Mathews, Allmans, and latter day groups like Moe, Flaming Lips, Umphreys McGee. Shows I would have seen no matter who showed up. I guess one of the reasons I love the Jam seen so much is because the set lists are rarely repeated and females just make for a more flowery, pleasant environment. And I prefer group dancing with girls than just guys even though we still have a good time.

    Any thoughts? Can you tell us any bands that were just pure 'Sausage Fests', or conversely shows that may have surprised you with the female gate attendance?

    My best memories are of the "All Good Music Fest", Mason Town WV, the venue was a place called Marvins Mountain Top, a magical country setting that topped 25k attendance at their peak. The ladies brought and wore such amazing beautiful dresses, were classy and friendly. I guess I like hippie wardrobe. Occasionally when it got hot, out came the swimwear. But the colorful wardrobe and hats were what made it extra special for me. Real eye candy. And the vibe was such that hittting on girls was sort or low. Now, if they chose to hit on you, possibly opened up something that felt more acceptable. But even that was mostly being friendly with some light flirtation.

    Just an odd off topic offering.

    Btw, Marvins Mountain Top would still be going to this day if not for a tragic accident. A vehicle was parked in a not so good place, and rain caused it to slide down a hill, killing one young lady and injuring some others asleep in their tents. The small town could no longer support the venue even after years of perfect behavior and no problems. Very sad for all, especially the victims. Even the vehicle wasn't illegally parked, just a bad judgment of a spot. I don't think the tents were even set up yet, when the vehicle owner parked there.
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