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Sorry so late, FPR. You may not remember me, as I don't remember you- but I am a longlost Crow-Magnon & RSR-ist, absent all last season for a variety of reasons, none terribly pleasant.

As it happens I will be in Prague on game weekend & am seriously considering kipping over on Saturday & back late Sunday or early Monday. Clearly I won't need your total package, but could you (or anyone else) advise on how to check ticket availability & prices before I start haunting skyscanner.com & hotels.com for transport & lodging? I'm leaving for NYC on Monday morning & flying out of JFK Tuesday night, so time is of the essence unless I can make derangements electronically.

If I can't menage it, I'll spend that afternoon cheering on the purple&black at a sports bar ~100 m off Wenceslas Square in my colormatched regalia - but it'd be a damn shame to miss out if I can, no?

Any suggestions from anyone (beyond "get stuffed, loser")? Thanx in advance.
There are still tickets avaiable at facevalue on www.ticketmaster.co.uk. We made our arrangements before we knew of FPRs great offer on Expedia.com for flight and hotel downtown. Still hoping to meet at least of few of you in London!

Best regards from Germany