a simulator that kicks a$$. features galore AND

Group Drafts. yes real group drafts
I will not even try to describe it to you other than by saying that it's the most realistic mock draft game you could imagine. Competing against like minded 'GMs' who know their team as well as you know yours. The trading aspect is phenominal. Making a trade with another team that's represented while you're on the clock is common place. Easy to use, yet loaded with tools. I don't play fantasy football but my friend who does says it's like a fantasy football draft, but with way more features.
Right now the number of participants varies greatly. When there are 8 or more it's a rush. I think as the draft gets closer this thing could blow up. IMO until you've been in one that has at least 8-10 teams represented you have no idea what you're missing. Maybe I'll see you in one, my username is AK47 on draftwired