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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Never been to Green Bay, but I've visited London... and it's a city very well worth visiting.
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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Been to London once before and loved it. Lambeau Field is a bucket list venue in my opinion, however. Went to the Dallas game in November and enjoyed my time there. There is something about going to see a game at Green Bay that draws me to go.

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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Doing both this season - go me

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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Akready will be headed to London. Green Bay is under discussion. It's one of four remaining NFL teams which has yet to host me on a road trip. problem is: the game is scheduled for November 19th. I've been up north in cold months many times and it isn't pretty!

    I'll likely buy a pair of Southwest tickets for Milwaukee for that weekend (no fee to change them if I reschedule within a year). Then watch the weather reports, or (unlikely) see if reasonably priced club seats become available.

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