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Then why did you say he's as good as any QB in the league when he has time?

Im gonna give you a mulligan on that one since you were posting during the heat of a game.

Thanks for the mulligan. I put Brady and Manning in a seperate class. I actually feel Manning is better than Brady. His career has seen some crummy defenses, and he's never had the line or receivers that Brady has this year. I'm not quite ready to put Romo in that class.

I still feel Boller has tons of upside, but you're never going to realize it with a crummy o-line and one really good possesion receiver.

BTW, can I at least get credit for one thing. I have been saying for years that Moss made Culpepper look a hundred times better than he actually is. Moss made a bad QB look like a pro-bowler. He's now making a great QB look like God in clete shoes.