With all the London hoopla, it's getting kind of lost in the shuffle that the Ravens are playing in the football mecca of Lambeau Field this upcoming season. Going to London just isn't possible for me right now, but a road trip to Green Bay sure is. Anyone else thinking of making the trip, or that has made the trip in the past and has helpful info?

I'm hoping it'll be my wife and I, but if it's late in the year or we have issues with the grandparents watching the kids, she's liable to bail and I might be looking to get in on a package with a group. I know Drew Forrester is doing one for London, but I haven't seen anything for Green Bay. My guess is the best way is to fly in to Milwaukee and rent a vehicle, then drive to Green Bay. I'm thinking I'd rather pay extra and stay within walking distance of Lambeau rather than try and drive in and park. Assuming it's a Sunday game (TNF or MNF would really screw things up...ugh!), I would probably fly early on Friday morning to give myself time to do some local sight seeing in Milwaukee and Green Bay on Friday afternoon/evening and on Saturday, to include the Packers HOF/Atrium. Then fly home Monday late morning or early afternoon.

Would love to hear from anyone else who is thinking of doing the trip this year and/or who has done it in the past. Thanks!