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  1. How's this mock from draftwired

    Rd 1 Pk 19 - Corey Davis (WR) Western Michigan
    Rd 2 Pk 51 - Forrest Lamp (G) Western Kentucky
    Rd 3 Pk 83 - Jourdan Lewis (CB) Michigan
    Rd 4 Pk 115 - Conor McDermott (OT) UCLA
    Rd 5 Pk 146 - Kendell Beckwith (ILB) LSU
    Rd 6 Pk 178 - Ejuan Price (OLB 3/4) Pittsburgh
    Rd 7 Pk 209 - Austin Carr (WR) Northwestern

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    Re: How's this mock from draftwired

    Well Corey Davis is plausible in round 1 though I'm guessing that there may be better players still available. But okay.

    Round two and further...where's possibly our biggest need: EDGE rusher? Definitely 6th rounder Price of Pitt has an upside but to me that's waiting too long and Price is a project. So taking a guard at #2 when we have our starting guards: I'm thinking that's a reach for us.

    Lewis in the third round is probably a minor steal. CB is deep this year and there will be quality in round 3.

    McDermott in round 4-a) that's about the right place to pick him but b) are you figuring the team does not resign Wagner? Also no need to replace Zuttah at center?

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    Have you no hope for Correa. or Judon

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    Re: How's this mock from draftwired

    I wouldn't pass up Corey Davis at 19, but I think that Ozzie will.
    I'd like to see Edge in the 1st or 2nd.
    I think we'll sign a reserve OT, draft a C in the 3rd or 4th.

    I'm pretty aware of all of these players save for McDermott, and I think it's a good slate of players overall.
    Price is terrific, but has a crazy injury history, but for a 6th, that would be good grab.

    I have high hopes for Judon. Correa too, under a new DC.
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