we all know the NEPs cheat. a more righteous system would have stripped / banned them but they keep their four SB trophies (and are in a great position to win this year).
so imagine these guys played by the rules; or imagine the NFL gobsmacked them for their cheating by nullifying their titles.
Who gets them?

2001 Bracket; NEPs beat Raiders (Tuck Rule Game) and Pigsburgh before edging the Rams in the SB.
RIGHTEOUS CHAMPION: wow, imagine a Raiders-Rams SB. One last hurrah for Al Davis? or a second ring for Kurt Warner? flip a coin and the winner is: RAMS

2003 Bracket; NEPs beat Titans, Colts and Panthers.
RIGHTEOUS CHAMPION: Panthers. Congrats to former Colt Jerry Richardson

2004 Bracket; NEPs beat Colts, Pigsburgh and Eagles.
RIGHTEOUS CHAMPION: Eagles. Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb get their well-earned rings.

2014 Bracket; NEPs beat Denver, Indy and Seahawks (one-yard-line interception).
RIGHTEOUS CHAMPION: my heart says Indy for Chuck Pagano's sake, but considering their playoff blowout loss we'll go with the Seahawks.

2007 AFC: NEPs beat the Jags and Chargers before losing the SB to the Giants.

2011 Bracket; NEPs beat Denver and the Ravens (Lee Evans drops pass, Cundiff misses FG) before losing SB to the Giants.
RIGHTEOUS AFC CHAMPION: Ravens. that would have been a heck of a SB.