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I can't disagree with any of this my man. On a side note and not too many folks have really throwed this out there but Harbs haven't gotten an extension yet and next season is the last year on his contract. You think there is something going on there? Or maybe there's nothing?
I think that overall Steve Bisciotti does value stability. He gave Brian Billick years after he took over complete control of the team, before firing him and John Harbaugh has been here going on 9 once the season is over. So I don't think that making a move this off-season automatically makes the Ravens, the Browns or Washington. You can point to teams like Pittsburgh, Green Bay and New England, but none of them have recently gone 3 out of 4 seasons missing the playoffs. Not only do I question whether or not Steve Bisciotti will change his mind, I actually question whether or not John Harbaugh would want to play a lame duck season. I don't have anything concrete to base that on. My heart tells me that a change is needed and that I'll wish Harbaugh well wherever he goes, whether that's in the college or Pro ranks. My gut is torn. I wouldn't be surprised if he were back or if he were fired.

I think that Bisciotti sees Harbaugh as the issue with the offense. There was word that Trestman was a guy Harbaugh had to be talked into hiring. There was also word that the team pushed for Harbaugh to look into Kubiak once they gained word that he might be interested. Now, there's an interesting dynamic here, and it's based around control. Cam Cameron and John Harbaugh had a personal relationship. With personal relationship comes trust. Thus, he trusted Cameron more. Which is why Cameron basically had complete control over the offense. Jim Caldwell was never given that. Castillo was not brought in by Caldwell. He was brought in by Harbaugh. Trestman was never given full control over the offense. He was never allowed to bring in his own coaching staff and run his own system from the jump. Kubiak only came, because he was given that power, and extended an olive branch for Castillo, because they're both zone blocking guys, although they are of two different styles of it. Kubiak was given the power to streamline the approach and Castillo was forced to coach it that way. I think there's been too many issues with the coaching on that side of the ball to expect anything different going forward. That's what I think Bisciotti is really thinking over.