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    Re: Donald Trump's First 100 Days as President

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    This transgender ban is just terrible. He quoted the costs, but that's already been debunked:

    Listen, I will say that there are some logistical considerations. For example, if someone is enlisting and planning to have surgery they should wait till after to join so there's no disruption to service.

    There's only 15,000 transgender persons in the military that add between 2.4 - 8.4M in healthcare costs to a budget that is enormous.

    You have to look at the cost/benefit. The cost of stigmatizing a popuation he said he'd protect doesn't seem worth the money saved for a small proportion of the military population.

    What od you guys think?
    I honestly think he's trying to draw attention away from Russia. He did something so outrageous we'd be talking about it.

    As for the ban itself, it is dumb. He's just making up a half baked excuse to justify it. Why on earth would you want to exclude anyone who otherwise would qualify from service from serving in a volunteer military?

    That said, is gender identity protected under the equal protection clause in the constitution?

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  2. Re: Donald Trump's First 100 Days as President

    Trump sure does know how to make himself look guilty. If he had nothing to hide he wouldn't care that Sessions recused himself. Sounds like theres something fishing that he doesn't want Mueller to see, even if its not collusion. Maybe something in his taxes.


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