At this posting, we are on the eve of the AL Wildcard Game between the Blue Jays and the Orioles. Yes, it is a relief to see the Orioles clinch a playoff berth (I am still confused somewhat about the wildcard game being an extension of the regular season OR being instead a postseason game.) And I admit it's exciting to play a single-elimination contest. Nevertheless, the wildcard game itself is a bad concept that should never have been instituted in the first place.

Your team plays 162 games, you total up the number of wins, and compare the total to that of other contenders. Why in the world would you risk your season-long accomplishment in just ONE game? The MLB season consists of a very long set of consecutive SERIES. The entire regular season is a rehearsal for competing in the postseason which also consists of consecutive SERIES - the only difference is that in the postseason you must win every series consecutively or be eliminated. Baseball is a team sport which requires a series of games to determine which team is better and thereby qualifies to advance in the postseason. It has always been that way. That is why the World Series is a series and not just one game.

Anything can happen in one game which is not a true measure of the teams involved. What I am suggesting instead is that the wildcard GAME be replaced by a wildcard SERIES - best two out of three games (just like the overwhelming majority of regular season series). Besides, it would generate even more revenue for MLB owners and players to satisfy their greed.

The way it stands now, wildcard teams are penalized for not clinching first place in their respective division. They accept a postseason invitation but only if they are willing to face elimination in ONE game. And the fans of the losing team suffer all winter long, pondering what might have been.