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Thread: A New NES?

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    A New NES?

    I've heard that Nintendo is coming out with a new Classic system that will allow you to play NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube Games. Does anyone else have any information on this?
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    Re: A New NES?

    I have a Retron that plays original NES, SNES and Genesis. mine is Retron 3... I believe they are up to Retron 5 now.

    NES is coming out with a new mini sized console that has 30 pre set games loaded on it. That is all you will be able to play on it though.

    There is a NES cartridge out now that has 150 full length NES games that work on original console as well as some of the Retron models. I have one in the mail on the way. :)


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