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    Re: Chip Kelly's offense is simple

    speaking of Chip Kelly, darned if they didn't gobsmack the Lambs last night. totally unexpected on my end. I wonder if he's one of those win-one-year-then-it-stops-working.
    are the niners that good? Rams that bad?

    very disappointed that the Cheatriots won, but remember, they went 10-6 with Cassel.

    waiting for the day Brady hangs it up. all football nation will rejoice.
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    Re: Chip Kelly's offense is simple

    gabbert should of been picked of 4 times if lambs held on to the ball. also some of his throws were unreal in traffic between 2-3 guys.
    still not buying chip kelly though

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    Re: Chip Kelly's offense is simple

    St. Louis' defense looked so disheartened. It was sad to see. Even with the loss of Janoris Jenkins, who is one of the best and more versatile CBs in the league (Already paying dividends for New York), they have way too much talent to give up 28 to San Fran, under ANY circumstances.
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