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    Early 2016 Predix (NFC)

    1) Eagles. I guess.
    2) Skins. I like their coach/qb.
    3) Cowboys. Garrett will get points out of that rookie qb.
    4) Giants. like an elevator, going down

    1) Packers. time for another playoff run?
    2) Vikings. they seem to be building something up there.
    3) Lions. I'm guessing nine wins and playoffs or coaching change.
    4) Bears. John Fox might walk away from this mess.

    1) Panthers. There's a danger they might slip back, but I think Unfinished Business will motivate them for another run.
    2) Saints. I don't know what they have besides Brees, they might be a disaster waiting to happen, esp if he gets hurt.
    3) Bucs. I think Jameis has promise, and they seem to be building.
    4) Falcons. I don't see any improvement and Matty Lukewarm isn't getting any younger.

    1) Seahawks. still very dangerous.
    2) Rams. I see Goff playing big and the whole LA thing reviving the team.
    3) Cardinals. I'm probably under-estimating but I think they'll have some hangover from last year's playoff no-show. How old is Carson these days?
    4) 49ers. take a struggling team and hire an erratic coach. with no obvious QB. in a pretty tough division. not a good formula.
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    Re: Early 2016 Predix (NFC)

    I agree that Seattle will win the NFC West. They still have arguably the best defense in the league. It's like pulling teeth to score against them. Russell Wilson looks good and doesn't seem to be effected by the recent developments in his life. They may not have Marshawn Lynch, but they have good RB depth and this passing offense does not need Jimmy Graham to be successful. Carson Palmer is going to fall off of a cliff. I see 'Jake Delhomme Syndrome' in his future.
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