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    Early 2016 Predix (AFC)

    let's face it, we already know how a lot of 2016 will go down
    -Pats easily win AFC Least
    -Ravens, Steelers, Bengals year-long dogfight
    -Somebody (Titans? Texans?) will come out of nowhere to win 10 games

    1) Cheatriots. life is good with no competition. they will win 11-12 even with Brady's suspension and smugly suggest that the four weeks just let him rest up for the playoffs. Boo.
    2) Bills. Rex is good for 6-8 wins. Too bad for all the injuries
    3) Dolphins. six wins or so.
    4) Jets. top five pick next year

    1) Bengals. and it won't mean a thing until they win in playoffs.
    2) Ravens. they can't have that many injuries, and they've got a bunch of young talent. look for the usual slow start and wins late. (fantasy: Flacco to Perryman, Touchdown...)
    3) Steelers. Time for Big Ben to get hurt again.
    4) Browns. But if Hue could coax the Raidas to eight wins he might win a few here, maybe not this year.

    1) Titans. or maybe Texans.
    2) Texans. or maybe Titans.
    3) Colts. they have a good HC and QB, which is usually enough in a weak division for 8 wins, but all the momentum is wrong.
    4) Jags. and last last year, and last next year, and on and on. Wonder if Coughlin would consider returning?

    1) Broncos. the only question is which QB will Kubiak turn into a monster.
    2) Raiders. Carr looks like the real deal, and I like Del Rio, who has been around this league a few times.
    3) Chargers, since they have a QB, but the rest of the team doesn't seem to be progressing. and there's talk of franchise move, which won't help.
    4) Chiefs. I can't think of a single offensive player there. Jamaal Charles? well that's one. I think.
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    Re: Early 2016 Predix (AFC)

    I am not fully convinced that Houston will concede the AFC South. Watt's injury is the big issue, but that defense still has talent elsewhere and Clowney looks strong right now. Offensively, they didn't even have a QB who couldn't blow it last year and still won the division. Even with improvement from other teams, all they will really need is for Osweiler to not blow it and I believe they could still win the division. I also don't see Jacksonville finishing last. Tennessee is trying to go back to basics, but they are still lacking a significant amount of talent.
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    Re: Early 2016 Predix (AFC)

    AFC East - I think Dolphins might be ahead of Bills

    AFC South - I think it is very mediocre and could finish in any order really. But I think Titans are at the bottom. And Jags surprise with a strong year, maybe not top of division but maybe second.

    AFC West - The Raiders look pretty strong. I'll go out on a limb and say Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers.

    AFC North - The top 3 could finish in any order and I think it will come down to the final week. It will be that tight.

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