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    Re: *OT* But hear me out! NEED FANTASY PLAYERS!

    I'd like to object to points bonuses.

    If we are going to use the decimal point scorign system (which I agree with) then the bonus system makes no sense.

    You award 1.9 points for 19 yards because only giving 1 would be unfair.

    But yet we are going to give bonuses for 400 yards passing, when someone could throw for 399.

    It's the same logic and for that reason I object. Imagine losing because of that? It's the exact same thing. There should be no bonuses.
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    Re: *OT* But hear me out! NEED FANTASY PLAYERS!

    AYEEEEE good draft boys.

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    Re: *OT* But hear me out! NEED FANTASY PLAYERS!

    Quote Originally Posted by Spider Webb View Post
    AYEEEEE good draft boys.
    Wasn't it? Almost 100% participation through the whole thing.
    Looking for something shorter....


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