I hear a bunch of people congratulating him and talking about how he should be respected for having the courage to step into the cage and pursue his dream. That wasn't pursuing one's dream. That was leap frogging the system. There is a reason why some guys have two dozen fights under their belt before earning a contract with a major promoter. It's called working on your craft from the ground up. Fighting in the Gymnasiums. Fighting in front of the small crowds. Working your way up the ladder and proving your worth at every level. It's beginning to set a bad precedent for the sport when you keep letting guys circumvent the unspoken chain of passage. The UFC jumped over every Heavyweight they had to pump up Lesnar and now that Lesnar been popped I don't know how many times, their heavyweight division is dying. It's all about the money to them, which is no surprise, but we should never hear another word out of Dana White's mouth about honor or integrity of the sport. It's embarrassing that you let a guy with such little experience leap frog other fighters more deserving to be on the card, for publicity, only to have him tap out within minutes. Your show is a joke.