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Didn't they pretty much just start that with Sheamus this past RAW? Honestly, I've forgotten about Orton since he's been off the air. It'd be a nice few weeks of his return, but he will end up being right back where he was before he got injured, which is just pretty much being thrown in somewhere. I think he's gotten to the point in his career where he's just there to put the newer guys over, kinda like Jericho and Kane.

A couple of months of feuding on each show, will somewhat make the other show (the one the champ is not currently on) a bit of a bore. So you'd be watching Smackdown and getting a feud with the champ, get good and invested in the feud, only to have him just to the other show to do the same thing? For a couple more months? The Champ is the one that's supposed to be top draw (not intended for any Reigns bashing or hate at all, I like the guy) so to have them not be on one of the shows for a couple of months will only lessen the show by not having the champ on it for a few months. I personally don't care to watch a show, especially for a couple of months, if the champ isn't there. That being said, it's either gonna be the same was as the split has been before, or they split the title up again and have one for each, which, they've also already done.

They will have to feature some women wrestlers on each show, and they can't keep the champ and main contenders on one show, and expect the rest of the lesser female talent to draw a crowd on the other show. With a few call ups/signings (Bubba's gf Velvet Sky....bring in the Beautiful People) and returns from injury, I can see where they would have enough female talent to split between the shows and have the champ on each.
Seriously WWE should hire you and Bhc as part of their writing team, I'm optimistic about the brand split.