The NBA got what they wanted, a LeBron Championship. When the Cavs could not stop the Warriors in games 1, 2 + 4, the NBA had to get involved to help them so they suspended Green, when Lebron purposely threw him down and stepped over him to cause all the trouble, to help the Cavs beat a undermanned Warrior team on the road. Game 6 was a terribly called game with Green and Curry getting called for soft fouls and NONE of the Cavs stars got called for anything. So the NBA changed the momentum of the series after game 4 and the Cavs and the referees took care of the rest. There NEVER would have been a game 6 + 7 if the NBA stayed out of it like it should have. Here is hoping when the NBA schedules the Warriors to play at the Cavs on CHRISTMAS night the Warriors sit out Curry, Thompson and Green for the game and give the NBA the finger right back for what they did. Time for training camp to start. The NBA is such a BS league.