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Thread: Charles Woodson

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    Charles Woodson

    Shout out to a generational football player who announced his retirement.

    Charles is going out while he can still play (tied for 6th in INTs this season.) He won the Heisman as a defender -- no easy feat -- and then lived up to the hype. He was drafted the same year the Ravens drafted Duane Starks. He's one of those guys that fits the expression, "I don't know if he's in a class by himself, but it doesn't take long to call the roll."

    He never seemed to get as much buzz as some higher-profile corners (e.g. Revis Island) but he is going into Canton on the first ballot.
    "Leave. Your. Mark."

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    Re: Charles Woodson

    cant believe this guy went unsigned for 8 or so week is 2008? after surgery on his leg.
    an all time great and a better person off the field.

    one of only 2 players to win heisman, AP rookie of the year, AP player of the year, and super bowl.

    very classy of him to tell the local media a day before he was announcing it to the national media.

    class act all the way

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    Re: Charles Woodson

    Love him!


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