I am new to the board, and last night was trying to post/read comments during the Ravens vs Cards game. While in the game thread, I was constantly getting behind the post reading, because by the time I would get to the bottom of the page, and would not be able to click LAST tab anymore. So, the following questions pertain to that:
1. Is there a way to have the thread auto-scroll, (without me interfering) until I want to add to the conversation?
2. If the above question is not possible, is there a way to have a LAST page tab available? As I was viewing the page last night, once I selected the LAST page in the thread, it disappears and I have to reload the previous page.

I was pretty PO'd last night with the way the refs handled the game. Does anyone know of a website that tracks what the NFL front office hands down when they reprimand/fine/suspend players or refs, on a weekly basis. For instance, I have never found out if the Steeler LB who hit SSS and broke the bones in his back was fined for leading with the helmet. I have gone to the NFL site, but they are more concerned with keeping things mum and not putting negative things in the limelight.

Lastly, does anyone know how to get a hold of the NFL higher ups so I can voice my opinion regarding the internet only game (Buffalo - Jax). The game was unwatchable for me with blurring, and I couldn't post on the NFL site because I don't have FB.