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    Ravens fans that are idiots

    Absolutely just love all the hate I got when I said we need to sign a receiver like James jones or reggie Wayne. I got multiple responses basically saying "I'm an idiot" a couple months ago when I said we need to sign a receiver like James jones (who was still a free agent at the time) whoever said that I just laugh u guys are pathetic. . . who was right . . Ravens absolutely need another receiver like jones nicks or Wayne to help move the chains. I just laugh hardcore to the people who said "let's see what Aiken has or camp and brown." Basically the people who laughed at me . . You look like the dumb asses. Let's pray we do something with our offense bc we desperately need it.

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    Re: Ravens fans that are idiots

    No one cares if they look dumb on a message board, lmao. Everyone is wrong from time to time, sucks that people called you an idiot but dont take it personally. Your point stands about Jones though.


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