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Something to consider here is the economic impact on a city whose team might have been knocked out of reaching the playoffs or knocked out of the playoffs because of an unfair advantage due to cheating. From TV revenue, hotels, stadiums, vendors, etc., etc., etc. the money lost would be in the millions.
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You bring up a point that I and several others have raised since all this started months ago.
Read through the main Deflategate thread and you'll see what I mean.
Not only the money, but how many jobs have been lost through NFL circles due to teams losing games that cost them their jobs?
How many families have had to be picked up and relocated when these coaches, etc. had to find work elsewhere?

How many teams have suffered through reduced ticket sales because they missed out on the playoffs due to a loss or two to the Patriots that might not have otherwise happened if not for the cheating?

How much money have season ticket holders forked over hoping to see their team in the playoffs or perhaps host home playoff games that didn't occur due to said cheating?

There's a whole boat load of ways to look at this stuff if you choose to, and if the powers that be were to choose to, maybe there would be a little deeper investigation into this whole thing.

Obviously is not gonna happen!