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    Hall of Fame Section


    I came here on this forum long after some of the most important events of the team happened. In my first year of stalking here (I registered only after about three years of viewing as a guest) I tried to unearth the discussions that happened around the events of:
    - firing of Brian Billick
    - hiring of Harbaugh
    - drafting Flacco and Rice
    - drafting Suggs

    It was kind of difficult, but I managed to find some content on the forums related to that.

    I am thinking that maybe as a part of the forum or the site, the mods/admins would like to showcase the threads and discussions taking place around the events already mentioned and also include stuff like:
    - the "we will go 8-8" thread from the middle of 2012 Superbowl season, started after we won @ Kansas City, score 9-6.
    - the game thread from the Mile High Miracle
    - the discussions about drafting a WR before this year draft and then the thread after the first round pick.

    Thank you for your work so far. Keep it up.

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    Re: Hall of Fame Section

    Perfect example:

    This is genius, pure gold:


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