Folks, it's about that time!

Right now we're in the slow period of the off-season, but Raven's training camp starts at the end of July. In order to round things out, off-season content will still be permitted until 31 July.

On 1 August, regular season forum rules and content stipulations will be applied.

To those who are new and/or do not understand what this means - Content on the main forum will be specific to the Ravens and the NFL. However, some things will still be relocated by Mods at their own discretion. If someone starts a thread and it gets moved, rather than flying off the handle, ping a Mod and inquire about it.

Standard board conduct is STILL in effect. If you have any questions about anything, please refer to the "Code of Conduct" and the site's "Terms of Service". Please continue to use the "report" feature and the "ignore" feature that is provided.

Thanks, and Go Ravens!