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Number 90 defensive end Rob Burnett.

An original Raven, Rob came to Baltimore from Cleveland during the 1995 move. Originally drafted in the 5th round of the 1990 NFL draft, Burnett would leave the game after 14 years, 202 games, 508 tackles, and 73 sacks.

A quiet and humble man, Burnett served as a mentor and leader for young guns like Ray Lewis and Peter Boulware back during the less glorious early years of our franchise's history. And that leadership paid off as he helped shape a group of men into the NFL's most dominate defense ever during the 2000 Championship season.

A punishing pass rusher, Rob attacked the QB with pure power rather than speed or deception. His bull rush could be overwhelming at times, especially so during our Championship run when he put up 10.5 sacks and countless run stuffs for lost yardage.

Burnett also had an impact off the field for Baltimore. His close relationship with Art Modell was part of what inspired the long standing Ravens tradition of treating teammates and coaches as extended family rather than business assets. This tradition is stronger than ever today, even with Rob retired and Art passed on, and its part of what makes Baltimore so successful. It's one thing to play for yourself, or your next contract, or for personal glory. It's quite another to take the field every week with men you think of as brothers.

A true Raven, Rob stood out in a crowded field of possible players to put here. The worst number 90 to ever suit up for Baltimore was still a multi year Pro Bowl special teamer. He gets the nod because he helped shape the very core of how the Ravens operate. His relationship with ownership and his teammates transcended professional respect. He made the Ravens a family.
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Love having a family connection to the Ravens!