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    Re: The Deflate Gate Thread

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    Re: The Deflate Gate Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by lovefootball View Post
    Bet one of the arresting officers is related to Grigson or Harbaugh. Or some anti pat fan. Just because he offered money for a BJ doesn't me he was going to let it happen. Does the NFLPA cover this guy?
    Are you serious??

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    Re: The Deflate Gate Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by callahan09 View Post
    Are you serious??
    No, just having fun. I take nothing serious, it's bad for your health.

    But Goodell and the NFL should be going back to court soon.

    Side story= Remember Marty Bass(weather guy on channel 13), he propositioned an undercover police woman by asking her for head. When it went to court, he said he was doing a report and really ask if he could get into her head. Judge dropped the charges, LOL.

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    Re: The Deflate Gate Thread

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    Re: The Deflate Gate Thread

    Brady is getting the last laugh in his scorched earth tour. We'll see how it ends but Goodell has to be embarassed
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    Re: The Deflate Gate Thread

    Good Morning America ‏@GMA 8m8 minutes ago

    NEW: Tom Brady's case now eyes the Supreme Court:


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