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    Footage of Redskins vs Lions 11/14/43

    Thought some would get a kick out of this footage from Griffith stadium.
    It's in 2 parts but only about 30 minutes total.
    I'm still uploading the second part.
    In this game “Slingin' Sammy” Baugh Threw 4 touchdown passes,intercepted 4 passes and had a 81 yd punt.

    Here's part 1

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    Re: Footage of Redskins vs Lions 11/14/43

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    Re: Footage of Redskins vs Lions 11/14/43

    Great video. Clear action shots. Good, appropriate music style soundtrack, too. Thanks for sharing.

    This should be required viewing for any serious NFL fans. Little of the styles of formations and play have survived (unfortunately for some) such as:

    • quick kicks
    • frequent laterals
    • QB jumping and twirling when throwing
    • two-way players
    • direct snap to half-backs (now called "wildcat")

    I was not aware that the shotgun formation and use of the flanker-back was popular in the 1940s.

    Baugh was simply amazing. I liked the concluding message about Baugh's record which will never be broken: 4 TD passes and 4 INTs in the same game.

    You should post this at Extreme Skins (The Landover NFL franchise's official message board site).
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    Re: Footage of Redskins vs Lions 11/14/43

    It's worth noting that this was during war time.
    Many players joined the service.
    Washington played the "Steagles" twice this year (1943).
    The Steelers and Eagles lost so many players to the service that they had to merge that year to put a team together.


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