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    Quinten Rollins and Stephon Diggs

    I personally think these two guys are super studs that can be had by the Ravens. What do you think of them as talents?

    I think Rollins has all of the skills you look for in an elite lockdown CB prospect. Diggs is a watered down cross of Odell Beckham and AJ Green IMO.

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    Re: Quinten Rollins and Stephon Diggs

    Quinton Rollins is getting a lot of 2nd round press, Doubt the Ravens have a chance to draft him now.....He only has 1 year of College playing experieince in the MAC. He certainly appears to have a tremendous work ethic and desire to get better, very good traits. So do the Ravens want to spend a high pick on a "project"?

    Stephon Diggs is getting some props for the 3-5th rounds.....I would like to think he will be available in the 4th round either as the #26/4th round or the comp pick....The injury history has pushed him down, but the talent definitly appears to be there.

    I think the RAVENS have a better shot at Diggs right now.
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    Re: Quinten Rollins and Stephon Diggs

    I have to agree with Mad Puppy on that. Rollins could slide a bit to the early third but I wouldn't count on it. If CB is the pick, I think that maybe Byron Jones is more doable given his relative value and out draft position. Diggs is a player that I think can they can target. I've seen him in that range, mostly in the 4th though where they have two picks. I'd be happy to see him in black and purple.


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