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    Grew up in Laurel as a Colt fan. My Father and I had season tickets for the Orioles and Colts. Colts left and was devastated (as were many people) Went to DeMatha High School and as as the Colts left the Redskins became very good making my sports life very difficult. Left for the ARMY in 89 finished college at U of Arizona while in the ARMY and finished my tour at Fort Bragg in the 3rd Special Forces Group. Got out of the ARMY and moved to Charlotte and followed the expansion process very closely and put money down for season tickets in Baltimore. Baltimore got shafted in expansion and eventually ended up with the Browns moving to Baltimore. I was a big Ravens fan from the very beginning! I started the Queen City Ravens Nest in Charlotte a few years ago with along with 4 other people and our group continues to grow in numbers. I go to up to at least 2 to 3 Ravens Games a year and several Orioles games.
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