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    Re: The Ravens Might Have A Shot At Todd Gurley

    Quote Originally Posted by JCro View Post
    For no reason whatsoevee I prefer Gordon. Maybe it's because rhw ravens will actually have a shot at him. It's pretty clear one if the top wr will not fall, but we have seen crazier things happen in the draft. I am expecting the top defensive player then receiver nd corner respectively.
    Would rather have Gurley's all around game.. Gordon, as explosive as he is has some flaws. I wouldn't mind him but can't see him here tbh.

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    Re: The Ravens Might Have A Shot At Todd Gurley

    I just think Melvin will come right in and flourish playing in the ZBS but who knows.

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    Re: The Ravens Might Have A Shot At Todd Gurley

    I also think Duke Johnson, TJ Yeldon, and Daniel Cobb would also do well in Baltimore.

    Let's also not forget about Jeremy Langford (Michigan State) and Tevin Coleman (Indiana).

    There are some damn good backs this year.
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    Re: The Ravens Might Have A Shot At Todd Gurley

    Agreed wicked, that's why I'm not so sure the team would even consider the top 2 if they were on the board, better value in the mid rounds. I think they will snag the top defensive player at OLB or DE since this is such a strong class for those positions. Then address receiver( please hardy!) corner and then RB.

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    Re: The Ravens Might Have A Shot At Todd Gurley

    After yesterday my first question is: can any of them pass block?

    But seriously, the way the WR crop looks this year, I would be fine with Melvin late in the first if it happens. If not I think my second preference is really Duke Johnson. Of course all on the assumption we won't be in a position to draft Gurley. After watching what Forsett could do with this line, I can only imagine what we could achieve with a strong young runner with serious speed. Look at how Bell has pumped new life into Pitt's offense. I know a lot of people hold to the idea that Kubiak can make castoffs into stars, but really, you look at some of the yards Forsett wasn't able to get; or you look at Washington and while Alfred Morris puts up nice stats, if they had a real thoroughbred in there instead of trying to get by on the cheap, they'd have something.

    in other words, we can't be happy to just say, well we got Forsett for nothing and look what he did. We have to think -- holy shit, if this line could get Forsett 1000 yards, imagine what would happen if we put a real baller in there. I hope that's the mentality. To me, if we're upgrading offensive weapons, this draft looks like its strongest in RBs, then TEs, then Wrs. If we want to start collecting the weapons, this is the year to add the RB component.

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    Re: The Ravens Might Have A Shot At Todd Gurley

    I don't hate Gordon but really don't prefer him for our offense. I think he'll be a good RB, but don't like him here(which means we'll draft him. RAVENS FANS REJOYCE :P). We'd need a recieving back later on down the line over the next few years.

    Think Gurley is the better fit.

    And Id take neither in the first round.

    Only positions worth it are OLB, WR, Oline, Dline(if Leonard williams somehow falls) in the first.


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