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  1. New to Board-Need some Specific M&T Stadium advice

    Really looking to connect with Mista I was doing some "homework" for the Army/Navy Game found your handle referenced time after time on OTHER sites as being the resident SME on tailgating at M&T.

    The net..I'm looking for a place I can put two vehicles and a pair of 10x10 pop up tents side by side for this years' Army/Navy Game, and it looks like the stadium lots don't allow us to do that.

    Do you know any locations that might allow me to do that? Also looking for them to be somewhat visible as well...not hidden behind a building, etc...Was thinking about calling Pickles Pub to see if they have space out front, but would like to know other options.

    Appreciate any advice you guys can share. I'm not from the area, and more a college ball fan than NFL, but know how valuable the boards can be.


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    Re: New to Board-Need some Specific M&T Stadium advice

    PM me with your e-mail or phone number for a couple of ideas.
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