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    Cool Re: *MNF* Patriots @ Chiefs

    Quote Originally Posted by lobachevsky View Post
    It's just like every other aspect of "news" in contemporary society: Truth is worthless; narrative is everything. No one knows who or what to believe anymore--even the most unbiased & fair sources are routinely bombarded with lies, half-truths & innuendos intended to discredit them by ideologues who have a vested interest in pushing their own lies--so you might as well believe whatever makes you feel good, or more often, righteously angry at those who aren't the cause of your problems (so that the bastards actually making a mint off your misfortunes can get away scot-free).
    Great post!

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    Re: *MNF* Patriots @ Chiefs

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    GM Belichick is failing Coach Belichick
    Yup. It's interesting.
    He's done well on defense (makes sense), but quite often misses on offensive playmakers. Not quite as much as Ozzie has, but more than I originally thought.
    NE has been successful with offensive playmakers via FA more than I thought too. Heck, I actually thought that they drafted Troy Brown. Nope.
    Of course, Welker was SDG and MIA's trash before NE picked him up.

    Best drafted offensive playmaker after Brady has been Gronk (2010).
    Otherwise, you might look at Ridley (2011) or Maroney (2006).

    The Vereen/Ridley combo has been good despite the injuries. I would call their types of injuries, the cost of doing business, but you can win with those guys IMO.
    The Gronk/AHern combo was in retrospect uber-risky which is why each fell in the draft; and NE has paid the price in both cases.
    Otherwise, going back to 2000, not much else to praise WRT offensive playmakers.
    "The Ravens are not taking Jimmy Smith at 26!" -- Me, the day before the 2011 Draft

    "On their way to the podium, the Ravens FO is going to collectively step over my dead body and select...Breshad Perriman." -- Me, the day before the 2015 Draft

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    Re: *MNF* Patriots @ Chiefs

    Watching New England play the Colts it was obvious the New England was getting all the calls. Jets Giants are terrible this year the NFL needs to prop up the team in the Northeast
    Way Down South in New Orleans


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