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    Raven Receivers?

    I have two questions that I have been pondering personally and I would like to hear some feedback from the Raven Nation Community.

    (1)I like Jacoby Jones the person. He's fun to have around. But why is he our #3 receiver? I won't say he can't catch. I'll simply say his hands are not reliable. I thought Deonte Thompson was cheaper and had a bigger upside. I would think he could do what they are asking Jacoby to do without much drop off. So what are your thoughts?

    (2)It has to suck for Raven receivers to be woefully outshined by the aging free agents we bring in. This year its Steve Smith. Before that Anquan Boldin. Before that Derrick Mason. Why can't we draft or develop a true #1 receiver? Where is our AJ Green, Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, etc. Can Marlon Brown be that true #1 guy? Thoughts?

    Ok, this is not a receiver question, but in light of the way Hoyer torched our secondary on Sunday, How much longer before we see Terrence Brooks? Could he possibly have performed worse or does Elam require veteran support back there?

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    Re: Raven Receivers?

    You might want to post this in the main area -- Ravens 24x7

    This area is for test posts and such. ;)

  3. Re: Raven Receivers?

    1) I'd move Torrey to the #3 and have him focus on 4 routes in practice: the go, post, deep out & deep comeback, then have him run those 4 routes as our #3 (with Smith and a rotation of Daniels/Jusczcyk/M. Brown as our #1 & #2) so Torrey would be on the field most of the time but as a deep threat/downfield decoy primarily. I would also have him run drag routes on occasion for his only short route because he showed an aptitude for them under Caldwell. Finally, I would see if Torrey and Joe can get on the same page on back shoulder fades, and if so that would be his only intermediate route. Those would be Torrey's 5 or 6 routes that he would practice and use in every game.
    On 3rd and short, I'd put in Aiken because he gets open and has shown reliable hands, reminds me of Kelly Washington that way. And yes, I'd see if Deonte can be that other deep threat/downfield decoy because having both him and Torrey on the field would really open things up underneath for Steve.

    2) Marlon Brown's ceiling is Marques Colston, so if you consider Colston a #1, then yes Brown could develop into one someday. I'd look into how the Saints use Colston and see if I could incorporate those route combinations into the offense, see if that might get M. Brown more involved. We need everyone to pick up the slack after losing Pitta.

    3) Elam is a strong safety, playing out of position as a free safety, and in Pees soft zone he's a terrible fit, especially at free safety. Brooks might be better than Stewart, though obviously our coaches seem to think otherwise. I get the sense they're waiting for, and pinning their hopes on Will Hill at FS, with Elam moving back to his natural SS position.

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