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Thread: TJ Yeldon

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    TJ Yeldon

    Before I start with Yeldon, I think at this point that Todd Gurely out of Georgia is clearly the best back in this class. I think he's a top 10 talent. A team who wants to base their offense around the run game is going to take this guy before we can get him.

    So this leads me to a guy I've been a huge fan of since he started running the rock for Alabama. TJ Yeldon. This guy is the perfect fit for a Kubiak lead offense
    Typical one cut runner with plenty of size and power. I think he has the potential to be a top 5 franchise back, who will consistently produce for us

    I've been impressed with Forsett and Pierce. But let's face it, these guys are not elite backs, and are getting big time help from our guys up front, and the scheme. Both are great complimentary backs, or decent starters in a pass heavy based offense.

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    Re: TJ Yeldon

    I like Yeldon a lot too. I think he is a much more complete back than Eddie Lacy and Mark Ingram.

    Yeldon would be a very good fit for Kubiak.
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    Re: TJ Yeldon

    Id much rather get Melvin Gordon III or Gurley II. Both seem more complete to me at this point. If we can't get them then maybe La'el Collins, which some draft sites are projecting us to draft in 2015.


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