AFC (L)East
1) NEPs---as long as Brady is healthy and motivated they'll get 11+ wins and take the division.
2) Dolphins---a 'Whatever' team. ('Dolphins beat Bills, move to 8-7' 'Whatever'). Well coached; one of many teams with QB issues.
3)Jets---they aren't getting any better, which means they're getting worse. can't believe Vick isn't starting qb. don't see much from them unless Geno lights it up.
4)Bills---Browns Northeast. I see nothing here.

AFC South
1) ex-Baltimore Colts---good (and fun) team, coach, QB, etc. and an easy division. They could get 12 wins and a playoff run.
2) Texans, Titans, Jags---don't see any of them over .500. whatever.

AFC West
1) Broncos---still got the horses (so to speak), unless Peyton hurts something.
2) Chiefs---10 wins. whatever.
3) Chargers---these guys could make a run and be special.
4) Raiders---a work in progress, but the coaching looks good and their qb looks intriguing.

AFC North
1) Ravens---questions on O-line and DBs, but what else is new. the offense could be really special.
2) Bengals---10 wins, playoffs, early exit. ho hum.
3) Steelers---is this the year they finally rust down? still dangerous but not like before. for years they've been saying there O-line stinks but as long as Ben can dodge and throw downfield it hasn't been an issue.
4) Browns---Hoyer? Manziel? whatever.

NFC East
1) Eagles---Kelly/Foles looks good to go for a few years.
2) Cowboys---just good enough to break Dallas hearts
3) Giants---Coughlin and Eli should be good for a .500 season even in a down year (maybe coach's last)
4) Skins---talent, promise...lots of questions. very hard to predict. I don't think they'll do much.

NFC North
1) Packers---by default. good coaching/qb.
2) Bears---more tinkering, more changes. who knows, maybe 10 wins.
3) Lions---a real mystery team. Can Coach Caldwell get these guys organized? 10 wins possible.
4) Vikings---I don't expect much from them. who's their qb again?

NFC South
1) Saints---still a quality team, but I see depth issues.
2) Falcons---perennial good but not good enough.
3) Panthers---this could be The Year Cam Newton Dominates!!! or not.
4) Bucs---.500. whatever.

NFC West
1) 49ers---I think Harbaugh's intensity will wear out soon but I think they're good for another year.
2) Seahawks---now that they have their ring I think some of them will start tuning out Carroll's rah-rah and thinking about their paychecks and staying healthy.
3) Cardinals---quality team in a tough division. could contend for a WC.
4) Rams---they looked like 6-8 wins before their qb got hurt. rough year.

AFC Playoffs: I see the Broncos winning out. I see them beating Baltimore in the AFCC. I think the bronx are too complete, and will have a home-field advantage. I also think there's no team in the AFC they'd less rather see.
NFC Playoffs: I see the winner of the NFC West sweeping (third year in a row). Packers and Saints are the biggest possible spoilers.

SBowl: 49ers edge Broncos. hopefully it'll be a good one.