Orioles announcers Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer were voted 3rd best in a nation wide poll. This article was posted 28 Apr 14.

Thorne is a former atty and has 30 yrs of broadcasting experience going back to his hockey days when it used to be on ESPN. Palmer has been an analyst since he retired.

Of course the winner was John Miller the beloved O's announcer who left Bmore after the 96 season and 13 years to return to his hometown of SF and look at all the series they won. Many Os fans protested to Angelos when he left. Petey quipped, I'll pay a million for a ball player if I have to but not an announcer. Miller was always regarded as the best.

Dodger legend Vin Scully came in 2d.

O's are doing pretty well in 2d place ahead of Yankees and Boston.