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    O's poor base running

    When Buck came here they said we wouldn't lose many games because of his managing. He's one of the best around and got us in the POs after 15 year absence but you have to wonder what he's been smoking this past week taking Os out of games with poor base running around third.

    There was the game vs Toronto, I think it was, when a guy was waved around 3rd to score and was thrown out but runner moved up to 3rd and 2d with Chris Davis up. The guy was out at the plate by a mile. Then on the next pitch Buck tries to steal home sending the runner in and he was out by a mile. That's 2 outs he gave them. Chris might have gotten a hit and scored both runners.

    Then there was the game vs Chicago a few nights ago and Buck sent the guy around 3rd to score like in the other game but the dude fell flat on his face. He was almost half way between 3rd and home. Good thing he fell because he would have been out by a mile but it was embarrassing to watch. Then on the next pitch he won the game in extra innings scoring on a wild pitch. Good thing he fell-lol.

    Then yesterday vs Tampa he sent a guy around 3rd to score and he was so out by a mile that he didn't even try to slide. He was tagged out standing up several feet from the plate which was also embarrassing to watch.

    So what has Buck been thinking taking all these chances and failing miserably.

    He's still one of the best managers in the game mind you. He got into coaching early going from Yanks to coach when Billy Martin hired him and he learned so much from him and others along the way but lately he's been running scared around 3rd.

    Elsewhere, O's are in the middle of the pack for attendance with over 1M as we approach the half way mark. I always said Bmore could support a team by itself if they got a half decent team to support. For 15 years we didn't but even then they got over 1M pr year and was in the middle of the pack.

    According to espn we're in the middle @ 15 now with over 1M. Petey also owns the 4th largest cable market. NY, LA, Boston and Bmore with the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

    Petey owns Masn and the rights to the Nats games so that's where he gets baseball
    as he gets their cable market which is worth over $3B overall, more than the team. It's pure profit since he doesn't use it to spend on pitching.

    If he'd only use some of those millions for some pitching.
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