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    Gun to your head WR scenario

    Watkins and Evans are long gone.
    The 1st rd OT's are gone.
    The 1st rd S's are gone.

    You can't trade back.

    Stuck at 17.

    But there are a few "top 20" WRs left:

    Marqise Lee


    Odell Beckham


    Brandin Cooks

    You have to pick one. None will be available later.

    Who do you pick and why?

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    if I had to pick a WR, Beckham. He seems to have the most refinement of the three. Cooks will be dynamic, but isn't going to fit well as an outside WR. I've never been high on Marqise Lee, but he certainly has the size of a #1, but I think he's a more boom/bust style pick.

    Honestly though, in that scenario if Martin is gone along with Lewan, Matthews, Robinson. That means SOMEONE of HUGE value is falling to our pick. Either a CB or Ebron or LB that I'd take...or trade the pick.
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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    Beckham without hesitation.

    I am a huge Beckham fan and I think he's going to be an outstanding NFL reciever.

    I like Cooks a lot too, but it's really hard to overlook his size with a pick this high.

    Lee, I think should be a second rounder.

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    I've seen "reports" that a few teams have Beckham as their #2 WR overall.

    I started this draft process wanting Lee. Then I kind of got on the Matthews and Landry train. But in the course of looking at Landry I looked at Beckham too.

    Then the combine happened. I guess the only surprising things were Landry bombing and MAtthews being faster than expected. But I've seen people say Matthews doesn't play that fast, and the passes he caught in college are not very pro-like.

    So then I circled back to Lee instead of Beckham because I think Beckham is kind of redundant to Jacoby and Torrey. Not that that is a bad thing. I just like some diversity.

    Given Kubiak's offense, it seems the two guys outside are the primary breadwinners outside the TEs.

    So I think a guy that can play outside (but also come inside) is where we need to go.

    So that leads me to Lee or Beckham.

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    I'd have no problem taking Beckham at 17
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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    Beckham and for me it's easy. The poster above said that he is redundant of Jacoby and Torrey. I, however, think that Beckham is everything those guys are as well as what we all wish they would be: Great contested catchers and great route runners.

    Beckham will be a hell of a receiver in this league.

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    Beckham! That dude is going to be a stud. If we went with Lee, I think the hope would be that he would turn out as the 2012 Marqise Lee.

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    Quote Originally Posted by landshark52 View Post
    Beckham and for me it's easy. The poster above said that he is redundant of Jacoby and Torrey. I, however, think that Beckham is everything those guys are as well as what we all wish they would be: Great contested catchers and great route runners.

    Beckham will be a hell of a receiver in this league.
    Yes I've heard several say Beckham's hands are much better.

    I also think they are much bigger than Torrey at least.

    10" for Beckham.
    8 5/8" Torrey.
    Can't find Jacoby's hand size.

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    One thing that keeps me interested in Lee is he was ~top 3 in a lot of the "explosive athlete" tests at the combine: namely vertical and broad jump.

    This wouldn't matter much if there wasn't also film of him catching and running routes. He would just be a combine freak. But he has tape to back up his combine results.

    Not that the other guys don't.

    I am still torn between Lee and Beckham. I have eliminated Cooks because I think we need a guy that can win outside. I know a lot don't want to use 17 for Lee but seem more comfortable using 17 for Beckham.

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    I'm taking Lee.

    Lee had some injuries this past year, but was healthy at the end and showed it in the bowl game with a stat line of 7 catches 118 yards and 2 TD's. Lee has produced for 3 years at a high level. He also had a less than stellar QB this year. Yet Lee had as many catches as Beckham. Lee has produced against stronger competition than Beckham. Consider the following:
    Beckham was non existant virtually against top competition. His 8TD's this past year (his best statistically) were all against poor teams (UAB-3, Kent State-1, Miss St.-2, Furman-2), 52% of his yards were in those 4 games!

    It is a no brainer to go with Lee over Beckham.

    I didn't originally consider Brandin Cooks, As I feel the bigger and explosive receiver in Lee is a better fit for the Ravens. However Cooks is a game breaker, very productive this past year and decent stats last year also, add in a Beliknekoff award and he had a great season this year. Unfortunately I feel the Beaver offense was one dimensional and inflated his stats. Granted the Oregon St. offense leaned on Cooks heavily that is a plus (go to player).

    It is a close call but I'm leaning towards Lee over Cooks
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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    Gun to your head WR scenario
    Is Rae Carruth out?

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    Re: Gun to your head WR scenario

    1st Jake Matthews
    1st Greg Robinson
    1st Taylor Lewan
    1st Zack Martin
    Cyrus Kouandjio?

    1st Sammy Watkins
    1st Mike Evans

    That is 7, and with you saying S gone add Pryor and HaHa
    so that is 9, we pick 17 so that is 7 other players gone....
    I think what you are trying to set up is forcing to choose a WR.
    I wouldn't pick one
    figure Mack, Clowney, and Barr are also gone

    got to be a better choice. four left had here are 6...
    CB Gilbert, Ealy, Donald, Dennard, Mosley, Nix

    I think given your scenario with all T and S gone and stuck at 17, we go D
    I can't see us taking a WR in the first if Watkins and Evans are gone.
    We get the future replacement for Haloti or the present replacement for Cody is nothing else appears.

    You want a WR? take Beckman but if any of Bortles, Bridgewater, Manziel, Carr work into the 16 picks before us, we will have an extremely tempting D player .... to take Beckman we would have to trade down and have him BPA
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