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    Hopes Springs Eternal?

    Now that the off-season is behind us...and the regular season a little more than a fortnight away...what's everyone's thoughts on the local 9?

    The way last year ended, with the disappointing string of losses (11 out of 16 in mid-September), it had the feeling of another 95+ loss season. I have to keep reminding myself that even with that poor finish, and a closer that lost his mojo, the Orioles won 85 games.

    I think they are a better team than last year's team...not significantly better, but better by degrees at a few positions...and I think they have the potential to make another playoff run. I am cautiously optimistic.

    "Hope springs eternal"

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    Re: Hopes Springs Eternal?

    I'm pretty excited and ready for the season to get going.

    I think our offense is legit along with the D. I think we can hit and field with any team in the league. I read today that the last 5 days Machado hasn't been running. Haven't read any details but that worries me. Also Weiters rolled an ankle and that's still swollen.

    I think the season comes down to Tillman, Jimenez, Chen and the starting 5. These guys show great stuff but don't always have it. I'm afraid this could hurt.

    Hunter scares me at closer. 3-2 bottom of the ninth and 3,4,5 coming up in the lineup for a team and a HR is really a good possibly. So he has me iffy.

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    Re: Hopes Springs Eternal?

    If they stay reasonably healthy and Tommy doesn't go boom too many times, I think they win between 88-93 games.

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    Although Walsh's system of offense can compensate for lack of talent; however, defense is a different story. According to Walsh, talent on defense was essential and could not be compensated for. What did Walsh do in 1981? He acquired physical and talented players on defense.

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    Re: Hopes Springs Eternal?

    The offense is legit. Only thing I'm worried about is the closing situation. Johnson was going to be overpaid but he could be counted on to do the job.

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    Re: Hopes Springs Eternal?

    Four main concerns (other than avoiding critical injuries):

    - How Buck manages the one-run games.
    - How Buck handles the pitching (starting rotation AND the bullpen).
    - Who will 'step up' to be the ace (leader) of the pitching staff?
    - Will Jones 'step up' to be the clubhouse leader when the season is NOT going well?


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