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    South East England

    Hi all,

    I live down south (Eastbourne, near Brighton) and was wondering if there are any other Ravens fans down that way in the UK!

    Could be good to find a few of us to watch a game or two next season.

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    Re: South East England

    Afraid all the Ravens fans I know are from the north/Scotland! Try the UK Ravens facebook page if you're on FB as there are more on there.

    Having said that, if you're going to any of the Wembley games next year, then we normally try and get a few together for a few beers after the game.
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    Re: South East England

    Just seen this. Yes, I'm in the South East - Horsham to be precise.

    I'd suggest you check Facebook as they've also set up an invitation only UK Ravens group which you can sign up for. PM me if you need assistance.


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