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    Newbie--Follower of Gary Kubiac

    Long time Bronco fan (horribly disappointed one right now but...) I was sold on Gary being the Quarterback of the Future when he was drafted and then they had to turn around and trade for Elway :(

    Became a Texans fan when the hired him and within hours of his hiring became a Ravens fan. Fickle aren't I :)

    So anyway I thought that I should get at least one post up before I slide back into Lurkerdom and here it is.

    Look Forward to next year it should be good :)


  2. Re: Newbie--Follower of Gary Kubiac

    I have always admired Kubiac's offenses. I am glad we hired him. A new playbook and new offense was definitely needed. Hopefully, Flacco will embrace the opportunity to work with Kubiac.



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