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    That great Indianapolis coach Don Shula.

    Watching Coach Fox's SB press conference on NFL Network. According to the graphic shown on their network John Fox is one of the few coaches to take two different teams to the SB.

    According to their graphic Don Shula also took two teams----Miami and Indianapolis .

    Disgraceful, utterly disgraceful.

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    Re: That great Indianapolis coach Don Shula.

    Yes indeed. We're getting a lot of memory threads but this one sucks the most. Shula was the only old Colt to go to Indy to be honored until Ray Berry broke our hearts and presented the Lombardi to the SB winner there couple of years ago but this is what really hurts the most - not getting our history, name and colors back like Brownies did.

    For Shula it was payback for us running him out of town for blowing SB 3 and he took John Mackey with him to pay back a favor. Nobody else from Bmore ever went to Indy except a few of us to poop on Irsay's grave when the Ravens played there. We never made it as the place was crawling with cops waiting for us. It was a set up. Apparently a lot more fans from Bmore desecrated the grave before we got a chance and they had signs all over the place to report vandalism. Strange place that town.


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