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    Ravens 7 Round Mock with Comps

    Obviously take this with a grain of salt since the draft order isn't set and the player evaluations will change drastically after the combine.

    The * reflects the Ravens trading down. This is just guess work so I have them trading down to 24 but the idea is they trade down to the early to mid 20's and pick up an additional 3rd rounder and replace the 4th they lost in the Monroe trade.

    *1(24) Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbuilt
    I think the Ravens go into to day 1 realizing they won't get Watkins or Evans and look to drop down just a little bit to pick up a 3rd and replace a 4th. They'll target Matthews, Marquise Lee and the two tight ends (Amaro and Ebron). They'll be very pleased to have Matthews fall into their lap in the mid 20's.

    2(47) Antonio Richardson, ROT, Tennessee
    Short of the center position, this IMO, is the next biggest need position the Ravens have and it's too early to draft a center. Richardson will be an upgrade to Oher and will start from day 1 at RT allowing the Ravens to keep KO at the guard position.

    3(78) Michael Sam, OLB/DE, Missouri
    The Ravens look to pick up another pass rusher. We all saw how things can change for the worse when there is no consistent pass rush. With Suggs disappearing in the second half this past year (and who knows for sure if he'll be back next year) and Dumervil battling injuries this pick will inject some much needed youth into the pass rush of the Ravens.

    *3(88) CJ Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa
    The front office knows it made a mistake not getting Flacco more weapons. They give him a second one on top of Matthews with a solid tight end in Fiedorowicz.

    *4(120) Tre Boston, FS, North Carolina
    It was pretty evident to me that the Ravens had two strong safeties starting last year. I think Elam has a solid future but that future is at the SS position. The Ravens need a true center fielder and they get one in Boston, though he might need a year or two of seasoning.

    4(COMP) Bryan Stork, OC, Florida State
    Even a blind man knows the Ravens at the very least need competition for Gradkowski. Unless Gino has a miraculous turnaround, I believe Stork takes the job from him.

    4(COMP) Morgan Breslin, OLB, USC
    Another valuable pass rusher that would have gone much higher in the draft had it not been for a season ending hip injury this year.

    5(COMP) Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU
    One of the few positive things that might happen due to Joe getting injured this past season is that it might have awakened the front office to the need for a true back up QB that is a pocket passer that they can groom behind Flacco. Tyrod has one more year on his contract. The Ravens could IR Mettenberger to allow him more time to recover from his ACL and then he could become the 2nd string QB next year. There is also the Cam factor.

    6(177) Ka'Deem Carey, RB, Arizona
    The Ravens need another RB on the roster and Carey can be a nice change of pace from Rice and Pierce. Kinda of similar to a younger Rice but a little faster.

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    Re: Ravens 7 Round Mock with Comps

    I have Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Cooks and Lee at least ahead of Mathews and half those guys i wouldnt take in the first. Carey i dont see falling that far. Other than that pretty good mock, wouldnt go Sam and Breslin with Simon and Hamilton on the bench but thats more of a personal preference. Im gonna work on a mock of my own for you guys to pick apart lol

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    Re: Ravens 7 Round Mock with Comps

    I would love it if your draft came true. Good job!


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