So I know that most of you haven't noticed me by now. I happened to mention Power Rankings that i wrote for another forum for about 1/2 of this season so far and linked to them once for Cincy to check out because he was interested. I think that RSR has a fantastic, knowledgeable fanbase that would be an excellent group to vote to create a weekly power rankings.

A little background: I have moderated this site since 2004 while having been an admin for short periods of time through the years. I had about two years off where I had to take care of some life stuff and, when I came back, the forum was damn near dead. The idea to have front page articles was mine and brought a ton of views (and money) to the admin but he never turned it around to put it back into the site. He's allowing it to die for the sake of clicks and a bigger bank roll. The only articles that can see the front page are the ones he has personally written because nothing else can possibly be of the quality that he produces.

The idea? The weekly power rankings are voted on by the members of RSR each week in order from 1-32. They are submitted via e-mail or PM to a designated member to calculate the rankings based on the number of voters. Of course there has to be a deadline so the columnist has time to get the article researched, written, and formatted so it can be posted to the main feed. I propose that members are given until late Tuesday night to vote so the author has all day Wednesday to produce the final article for posting early Thursday morning, the first day of the NFL week. My reasoning in waiting two extra days after the major media sites' rankings is to give time for injuries to play out and team transactions to happen. This allows the author to use popular tags in Google trends the day the article is posted in order to garner more clicks (nee: more traffic) for RSR.

Rankings are done similar to college football. Each vote is given a point based on their rank. If a member decides that the Broncos are number one they get 32 points but if another member decides they are number two and the Jags are the best team the Jags get 32 points and the Broncos get 31 points. The rankings are then totaled and complied in numerical order. To remove bias ties are only broken when there is a clear difference in quality between two teams and that would be at the author's discretion.

Link to the rankings that the admin bothered to post as an article. Please excuse the formatting as I had little to no say in some of it:
Week 8:

Week 7:

Week 6:

Week 5: (I was moving, my best friend wrote this weeks' and did a great job)

Week 4:

Week 3: (This was the first week, please keep that in mind)

Please keep in mind that I am NOT using these links to advertise for the forum. To be honest with you all I am showing you this as evidence of my lack of bias, humor, and writing quality in order to sell myself as the new columnist for the proposed RSR weekly power rankings.

TL;DR: I wrote a weekly power rankings for another forum that is currently dead and I want to resurrect it for RSR because we only had four voters for most of the season and the site couldn't generate the traffic that I believe my lack of bias, subtle humor, and professional writing style deserved.