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Thread: Stephon Tuitt

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    Stephon Tuitt

    Anyone know if this guy is returning for his senior year? If he's entering the draft, I think he'd be an excellent early 2nd to mid rd pick for the Ravens. He would instantly replace Art Jones, and if Canty is cut, he'd be playing along with his former team mate Kapron Lewis More where they created havoc at Notre Dame together.

    If he's smart, he'd probably want to return for his senior year, because he'd be a sure 1st rd pick with another solid year.

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    Re: Stephon Tuitt

    Tuitt is disgustingly talented.

    He reminds me a lot of Trevor Pryce and I think he has that kind of talent.

    Notre Dame isn't as good this year, so I think he is getting somewhat overshadowed. Louis Nix III is also not having as great of a year.
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    Re: Stephon Tuitt

    Not sure of his status, but he's a top 15 guy now and with Nix coming out as a top 10 guy, Truitt would see doubles all day everyday in 2014 if he stays.
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    Re: Stephon Tuitt

    I don't see Tuitt dropping out of the 1st. He just has too much talent and scheme versatility for that. Pretty much every team in the league now is using a hybrid defense that shows 3-4 fronts, and Tuitt is a perfect fit. He reminds me a lot of Calais Campbell.

    I think Nix goes top-15 and Tuitt goes in the mid to late 1st. I could see New England grabbing Tuitt. He seems like a Bill Belichick type of player and they are super thin on the DL.

    I think the Ravens have way more glaring needs than the DL. Brandon Williams has outplayed Ngata this year and looks ready to take over at NT. Canty has played well when healthy and looks like a keeper at DE. If they keep Ngata he can kick back outside to DT. They also have good depth with Tyson and Lewis-Moore and could move McPhee back to DE in nickel sets.


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