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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Steelers 10/20

    We're horrible, Flacco is playing like he deserves 1/4 of his contract idgaf what anyone says 120m is 120m. Harbs is loosing his noodles and will once again do the ridiculous coach speak postgame. The defense is the opposite of clutch and can't be trusted to stop anyone with the game on the line. We're 2 games out of the division, the steelers will finish ahead of us as well. There's no sense of urgency from the offense whatsoever. Flacco is daydreaming/ laughing on the sidelines the entire game

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Steelers 10/20

    Quote Originally Posted by Bhcforlife View Post
    Not surprising, really. The Ravens aren't a good team, guys. It's time to take off the purple shades and realize that.
    We aren't really bad, but we aren't good either.

    Very mediocre team.

    For one of the first time since Joe and John have been here, I think making the playoffs will be a really big struggle...not used to potentially having to hope for help the last weeks of the season just to get in the playoffs.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Steelers 10/20

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    I am curious to you rip apart the offense for not producing a TD until the very end?

    Or do your rip the defense, rested on the sideline, for letting Steelers into FG range?

    OR...Special Teams. We screw up an onside kick, AND you give up a big return to Sanders to setup the game winning drive?

    All of the above?
    I'll go with all of the above.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Steelers 10/20

    Quote Originally Posted by seraph View Post
    Ok if that's what you're going to tell yourself to feel better.
    I don't feel bad. I said before they played Green Bay that I thought they would lose today. I'm not surprised, not pissed, not upset. Anyone who has watched the Ravens this year should be able to see that they aren't a good team. They're average, what their record says they are. 8-8 type of team right now.
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