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    Pittsburgh Steeler Game

    I am heading up on Saturday for Sunday's game with another Raven fan. Just wondering if I am going to be alone...a little spec of purple in a nasty sea of Black and Yellow. Most away games have plenty of purple. I have been to Pittsburgh several times over the years including our first SB year.

    It would be great to be able to hook up with other Ravens fans while there.

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    I will be traveling up 7 other people. 5 Ravens fans, 3 Steelers fans. A friendly mix, (a woman that is with us is pregnant) so not looking to tailgate anywhere where people are really out of control. Just hoping to find some other ravens fans to have a few beers with. None of us have ever been to Heinz field so we don't even know where to being. Any tips would be great. Ravens friendly lots, restaurants, etc.

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    Re: Pittsburgh Steeler Game

    We are staying in Oakland, near Pitt. It is 3 miles from Heinz, but that is about as close as we could get without paying $300/night. We will be hitting Church Brew Works for early lunch and a couple of beers before heading to the stadium. Good food and VERY good beer.

    We are looking for about the same thing...a good mix of Steeler and enough Ravens fans to make it comfortable. :)


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